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3 thoughts on “How to Get Swarms of Free Blog Traffic With Flipboard

  1. bbnewsab says:

    Thank you, clanton1934, for this tip. Now I’ve joined that commuity (as bbnews).

    I found this article: .

    Is stone throwing at other tribes one of those things that made us human?

    That’s a good question to ponder and ruminate.

    Anyhow, that article made me think of this one: . About the shared genetic heritage of jews and Palestinians (and muslim Kurds).

    The common denominator is, IMHO, our need to throw physcial or mental stones at each other, often in the name of God.

    Which, in turn, reminds me of this article: . In this article Tom Rees tries to answer the intriguing question of what came first: Was religion the hen or the egg of civilization?

    That is, did religion (belief in punishing and rewarding gods) lay the foundation of more complex communities and societies? Or was it the other way rounf, so that the already complex societies had to invent religion(s) in order to make it possible for them to grow even bigger without destroying themselves and, so to speak, giving them a chaos-like unhappy, apocalyptic ending?

    If you find such questions interesting to ponder, clanton1934, I’ll be happy to hear your take on topics like those.

    If not in the commentary field below, so maybe in a new post here on your wonderful and informative blog, where thoughts about art, books, music, science and general wisdom thrive even more than the dandelions in my own garden do. :o)

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  2. bbnewsab says:

    Here’s another article on the topics I mentioned in my earlier comment: .

    Not only does the chimp at the Furuvik Zoo in Sweden throw stones stones at zoo visitors who annoy him. The chimp, called Santino, also understands that it’s important to strengthen his “military” power by assembling ammunition in advance.

    My conclusion is: Human beings are not the only ones being able to plan for future actions.

    Let’s rejoice in the fact that mice and rats, at least so far, haven’t demonstrated that same intellectual “gift” of God.

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    1. clanton1934 says:

      Thank you for article “Chimps throwing stones” like humans.
      I’ve sent you a post by Weldon on human traits found in animals.


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