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Dear Interested Bloggers,

bbnewsab and I (clanton1934) have been exchanging ideas for a few weeks. He and I have enjoyed “scratching each other’s backs” and he has been inflating my ego sufficiently in order to give me the audacity to propose a global discussion.  bbnewsab has expanded my audience by his reblogging to his Sweden readers.  Mine reblog of his most recent post got him exposure on NetworkedBlogs.

In August of 2015, I’ve had some nibbles from 15 countries with 5 or more hits from US, Sweden, UK, Australia and Canada and now Russia.

Our current list of bloggers who may wish test the water


Poesy plus Polemics

Glitchy Artist


I know of others, potentially, but I have not yet asked for permission for using their names.

To start the discussion, I offer up my blog post:

on turning from building walls to building bridges. See “Mending Walls” – Robert Frost

If there are others reading this post who would like a platform, make yourself known in the comments section.

Thank you for “Flying “Zebra”!   If you like this post, consider hitting my reblog button or Share on FB.

“Clanton1934” and “bbnewsab”

16 thoughts on “Blogger’s GPS— Global Positioning Symposium

  1. bbnewsab says:

    Maebw we can create a new WWW.

    Maybe we’d call it the World Wild Web?

    Depends on how “wild” we are. *roaring like a lion*

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    1. clanton1934 says:

      You can be the lion. I’ll be Yoda.

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  2. bbnewsab says:

    Just came to think of a fitting quotation here.

    The Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung once said, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

    He was SO right.

    Just look at me. I’ve transformed nearly totally. Gone from being a “biting” caterpillar to become a nectar sucking butterfly.

    Or in other words, Clanton1934 has managed to draw new personality traits out of me. Suddenly I’ve become the kind a caretaking blogger. Far apart and almost unrecgonizable from the mostly provoking and annoying person I am on my own blasphemous blog.

    But now it’s time to say Goodbye from Sweden. It’s after midnight and time to sleep. Good night, everyone!

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    1. clanton1934 says:

      Good night Bengt. You are going to be just fine.

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  3. bbnewsab says:

    Good morning, Kung Karl!

    Now I’m following The Rogers Post on Networked Blogs.

    What about adding a line or two about the intentions? For instance, “A venue for people wanting to share their thoughts and tips about “les beaux arts” (literature, music and other aesthetic enjoyments) and other life quality enrichening issues (like sharing links to intriguing articles, blogs etc.).

    Anyhow, that what you and I are doing, to each other’s amusement, pleasure and delight.

    And THAT, I dare say, is one very good and recommendable way to build bridges to unite the world and strive for a better future for our children and grandchildren.

    In the last centuries every generation seemingly has preferred to both repress and suppress thoughts about what we’re doing to Mother Nature and Father Earth.

    Rather, it’s all about the money. And, maybe even more, the bizarre religious longing for the Second Coming of the promised Messiah.

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  4. bbnewsab says:

    A question to you, Karl: On your blog wa can all see the latest posts from you. And that’s a good thing.

    But I think it should be a good thing, if we all could see also the latest comments?

    IF you, Karl, can see also the latest comments, tell us how to do to make it possible for your followers too.

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    1. clanton1934 says:

      Bengt, I believe that all of the comments show up at the end of each post. The only others would come in e-mail. I will copy them in to the next edition. car

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      1. bbnewsab says:

        But can new blog visitors see when a new comment has been written to an older blogpost?

        Of course you and the commenter can see the new comment. But what about all the other blog visitors?

        So in the best of all possible (blog) worlds (to quote the character Dr. Pangloss in “Candide”) we should be able to see BOTH the latest post AND the latest comments.

        BTW, have you read “Candide”? Anyhow, I found this on QUORA, one of my favorite Q&A-sites: .

        To those of you who haven’t yet visited QUORA, I just say, Do it! And do it now! You won’t regret the visit.


      2. clanton1934 says:

        BB, The only way that I know to answer your question about ” old comment” IS: if there is an old comment you wish seen, do a copy & paste maneuver and paste it in the comments section of the most recent Blogger’s GPS.
        Otherwise, I don’t know how.


  5. clanton1934 says:

    My dear Bengt, I have just awakened to read your many kind words about my blogs. And you present several questions. I’m going to have at least two cups of coffee and some time (and probably several communications) to cover them.
    First let me say: Oliver Sacks is a giant in medicine and literature. Dr. Sacks is comparable to Hemingway and Charles Dickens Somorset Maugn! You should not put my name on the same page with Dr. Sacks. But I am appreciative and humbled by your compliment.

    As for the comments, you will find that your comments have been permanently attached by WordPress at the end of each article.

    More later, after the coffee.

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    1. bbnewsab says:

      No hurry, no stress, Kung Karl! Don’t dent your life quality with such feelings of having to do something before a tight deadline?

      The feeling of lack of time lies behind many intellectual vices.

      And here on your inviting and tempting blog we should all focus the intellectual and emotional “virtues”. Not their vices.

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  6. a glimpse into my only notable experience with othering

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    1. bbnewsab says:

      Nice blog, Paul F. Lenzi!

      I liked this little poem (because it’s tells the truth about the dog-man relation,

      “Soft of mouth and paw
      avidly affectionate
      the dog knows your heart.”

      So true! Yes, man has, with the help of evolutionary selection mechanisms, made dogs “a man’s best friend”.

      Excuse me, cat lovers, but your pet can’t be just as avidly affectionate as a dog.

      It’s the cat that is the “lone wolf” here. Not the dog. :o)

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      1. I appreciate your thoughtful comments about my poem “Alter Ego” – I’m a lifelong dog lover

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  7. clanton1934 says:

    BB, My cat, named Darwin, would challenge your view of cats. Most of the time I am writing, he is lying on the right corner of my keyboard requiring affection in between paragraphs. I’ll try to send his photograph in a separate e-mail.

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  8. bbnewsab says:

    A cat called Darwin must be an extraordinary cat in many ways. :o)

    He’s the exception from the general rule/law I just “referred” to.

    Of course you should publish the photo of your cat Darwin here on your blog. I’m convinced everyone who visit your delicious blog also wants to see Darwin the Cat, the living exception from the general rule that cats normally are like lone wolves.

    Cf. pitbulls; I don’t think that dog breed is very affectionate and knows your heart. Rather, such a dog wants to eat your heart, don caress it.

    *Now perhaps also pitbull lovers consider throwing stones at me?* :o)


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