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August 28, 2015

Dear Blogging Community,

I have received eight notes of interest in the group. I have received contributions from bbnewsab and poesypluspolemics: 
Paul F. Lenzi, on the topic of “othering” submits his poem: My Old Man
Submitted on 2015/08/28 at 7:16 am
a glimpse into my only notable experience with othering

bbnewsab, my partner and supporter, submitted these  suggestions and remarks:
Submitted on 2015/08/28 at 3:55 am
Good morning, Kung Karl! [Charles’ Swedish name]

Now I’m following The Rogers Post on Networked Blogs.

What about adding a line or two about the intentions? For instance, “A venue for people wanting to share their thoughts and tips about “Les beaux arts” (literature, music and other aesthetic enjoyments) and other life quality enriching issues (like sharing links to intriguing articles, blogs etc.).Anyhow, that what you and I are doing, to each other’s amusement, pleasure and delight.

And THAT, I dare say, is one very good and recommendable way to build bridges to unite the world and strive for a better future for our children and grandchildren.

In the last centuries, every generation seemingly has preferred to both repress and suppress thoughts about what we’re doing to Mother Nature and Father Earth.

Rather, it’s all about the money. And, maybe even more, the bizarre religious longing for the Second Coming of the promised Messiah.”

Note: from ccr: The  music in the original post is: “Morning” from Peer Gynt (incidental music Ibsen’s play) by Norwegian, Edvard Grieg, 1875

May I invite other interested bloggers to either submit your contributions in the comments section of this post or e-mail them to me at

Come on in, “the water’s fine!”


6 thoughts on “Blogger’s GPS— Global Positioning Symposium -2015/08/28

  1. bbnewsab says:

    Yes, the water id really fine in here.

    I promise, because I’ve tasted it.

    In fact it tastes even better than the water Bill Gates drank some months ago, see:

    In that article we can see Bill Gates drinking water distilled from human faeces.

    In another video you can see Bill Gates and a tv show host taste one glass of ordinary water and one glass of water distilled from faeces and sewage water. Both preferred the water distilled from faeces.

    BTW, the water you’ll find here on this blog does NOT contain any faeces at all. That said in case you’re fastidious or extremely picky. :o)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bbnewsab says:

    @clanton1934: A suggestion to make The Blogger’s GPS more attractive. Why notstart a blog post (“thread”) entitled “Articles & videos we want to share” (or something like that)?

    In the comment field the “members” provide a URL to an article or video they have found fascinating and breath-taking.

    As it is now, tips of articles and/or videos are scattered like autumn leaves in our gardens. Not so easy to find or “revisit” if you wanted to.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. bbnewsab says:

    I feel joy in my heart every time I visit your blog, Kung Karl!

    I like the atmosphere in here.

    I always feel an unusual level of kindness on your blog.

    In fact, there is so much kindness on this blog that you can almost touch it.

    Your wife must be a both happy and lucky woman.

    But now I, like once Elvis, have to leave this (blog) building.

    Promise to be back soon.

    See you later, “Alligator”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. clanton1934 says:

      “Be back soon” is a song title in “Oliver!”ack soon”


    2. clanton1934 says:

      I tried your yahoo address and it was returned. car


    3. clanton1934 says:

      bb, where for art thou, bb?


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