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Epiphany: You can only see the human mind and The Meaning of Life by its Shadow!

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Dawkins, Hoffman and Pross (1) have exhaustingly examined the fundamental evidence of molecular biology with even nanotechnology. You won’t find it in the atoms or molecules, not even with the technology of nanotechnology.Look at Stephen Hawkings. His brain is the prisoner of a barely functioning physical body. On a much smaller scale, it has occurred to me, that my physical capabilities limit me to only explorations of the mind

I. am astounded that an old man who’s body is predictably undergoing entropy, spending all day in a chair, is raping with minds in dozens of countries around the world in almost real time!

My point is that the “meaning of life” exist not in the molecules or the physical body BUT in spite of it!

The music I make is “in between the notes”.  You will not find them with a microscope, not even with nanotechnology.

The mind and the meaning of Life can only be seen by its shadow that consists primarily in the arts and platonic love!


A parting question: Consider this: the greatest scientists who share Dawkin’s and Hoffman’s solely mechanistic, random-chaos view of the origin of life, have manifested in their encyclopedic study and meticulous manuscript authoring, an enormous motivative force driving their work. This power (subjective) is not subject to an objective evaluation. Is not this the inexplicable subjective force of life which science can not explain (but some deny)?

Addy Pross’ conclusion serves to give us sound attitude: “each is part of a nuclear family, which, in turn, is part of an extended family, which is part of a local community, which is part of larger groups of the human organization. The survival of the commonwealth requires far more than the individual. Reproductively speaking, individuals are incomplete. Biologically speaking, our individuality is non-existent.” That’s why a new pregnancy catches our attention. That powerful and compulsive news resonates with our fundamental selves.

“Just as importantly, we are also emotionally incomplete. Various psychological elements also connect us to the network. We obsessively need to be with others. We think of ourselves as individuals, but we are just components of a system.” [Our “lifeboat” is not just many individuals, but an ever-expanding living network.] “The irrepressible force of life leaves no stone unturned in seeking ways to extend the invaluable larger life [of which we are the stewards]. We obsessively need to be with others. We think we are separate, but we are one. We think of ourselves as individuals, but we are just components of a network.”(13) Life has a purpose; the purpose is the process; the process is the product. 30

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4 thoughts on “The Music I Play is in-beyween-the-notes!

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    That space between the notes is where real music-making happens. Indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. clanton1934 says:

      Dear Jnani, Thank you furor the Like on my post between the notes.
      I wrote you a longer note just as the Internet connection was lost. Did you receive it? I would like to chat.


  2. bbnewsab says:

    Dear Kung Karl,

    I just dropped by to tell you there was no time for me today to comment on your both many and valuable blog posts and/or your (or others’) comments.

    But on seeing this beautiful entry when visiting your inspiring blog, I feel that I at least must leave a little hand print here – exactly as our ancestors in the Chauvet Cave in France once did.

    One of the great Greek philosophers – I don’t remember who; maybe it was Plato? – once said, “Mankind is made up of three parts, his Body, his Life and his Mind. The only part we have any control over is our Mind. All the rest is mere smoke”.

    That is, much is still today open for speculations, especially the question of the meaning, if any, of life.

    Many poems and both fiction and non-fiction books have been written in the quest for an answer to that intriguing question.

    BTW, Kung Karl, the Chauvet Cave paintings give us (who live today) a hint of how mankind’s spiritual beliefs arose. Read more about that specific topic here, (plus the next two pages). I guarantee, nobody will be disappointed and find that reading being a waste of time.

    Finally, my reading tips are of course meant for all of you who follow this “spiritual” and literary blog. Not only for Kung Karl. But since I don’t know you who follow this wonderful blog by name, I just out of old habit address my cyber friend Kung Karl every time I’m publishing my reading tips here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. clanton1934 says:

      The Internet on my computer is not working. It stopped immediately after I published music between the notes. I’m limping along on an old iPad. What was a miracle a short while ago is nearly obsolete!. I remember you are away at work.


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