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My fantasy life has always included an Ocean-going sailboat and a Bush-hopping Seaplane (The Lindbergh’s?) Your San Diego photos have rekindled those fantasies. Thank you. Charles Rogers

Cool San Diego Sights!

Mirabella V is the largest single-masted yacht in the world! It's gigantic! Mirabella V is the largest single-masted yacht in the world! It’s gigantic!

I had to blink my eyes a couple times during my walk today. I was behind the San Diego Convention Center, where lots of visiting super yachts are docked, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

That huge ship in front of me looked like the largest sailboat on planet Earth!

As it turned out, my first impression wasn’t far from the truth!

A little searching on the internet proved that I had spotted the Mirabella V (today more commonly called M5), a sloop-rigged super yacht launched in 2003. Registered in the Isle of Man, it’s the largest single-masted yacht ever built. It’s 292 feet high! That’s almost the height of a 30-story skyscraper! It’s so tall, it won’t fit under any bridge accessible from the ocean. Not even the Golden Gate Bridge!

It’s hard to appreciate…

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2 thoughts on “World’s largest single-masted yacht in San Diego!

  1. bbnewsab says:

    Why are water and vessels always so fascinating? The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis emerges in my mind; see: .

    What is your take on that hypothesis? Do we have unconscious reminiscences (in our brains) of an earlier life as aquatic apes? Have you read or heard of the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (AAH) lately? Or is the AAH obsolete nowadays, mostly regarded as an odd curiosity?

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    1. clanton1934 says:

      Let’s consult Darwin: the product is descent with modification. Features develop which contribute to survivability. The first cells were born in sea water! Our momentary survivals require that our blood chemistries “be in balance”! Hospitalized patients always have IV fluids running “normal saline”. Normal saline has the identical salinity as sea water. Although our aquatic ancestries crawled out of the sea, they brought their chemical environment with them! A first principle of medical practice is to keep the patients blood chemistry as it was “when we are fish”. That’s why we like to live on sea coast – also eat the “fruits of the sea”.
      That was your medical school lesson for today! No charge. You are welcome. KK


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