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One thought on “To All Who Have The Courage To Doubt And Ask

  1. bbnewsab says:

    Courage also includes open-mindedness.

    But if you’re too open-minded – in order to believe in pseudoscientific woo thoughts and religious dogmas – then there is a not negligible risk of the brain falling out of your skull (symbolically speaking).

    Those facing that horrible “fate” are often called, and known as, woos (a.k.a. crackpots or fatheads).

    Also have a look at: (by professor Sean Carroll). In that blog post he demonstrates that beliefs in ghosts and other spiritual beings, believed to be exerting some kind of forces and/or powers upon us humans, are, at best, biased wishful thinking or, at worst, woo-ish mass BS delusions.

    So, to conclude, there are two kinds of open-mindedness: one that makes you a better user of science and scientific reasoning, and one that is thoroughly woo-ish, more or less ending up in your guts by relying on so-called intuitive gut-feeling thoughts and reasoning.

    Although I agree we all have an enteric brain as well, you should not ignore the real brain inside your skull. The last one is the brain that receives signals from your sense organs and out of these signals extracts patterns and assigns meaning to them, thereby creating your subjective experience of the outside world.

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