Charles Clanton Rogers

Reflections based on poetry, music, visual art, book reviews, history of science, first-person history, philosophical essays and International Blogging

“He who has a Why can bear almost any How”, Frederich Nietzsche

One’s “Why” cannot be oneself.  Emotionally, biologically, and morally, it is essentially Others!  -Charles Rogers


About me

5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c  Charles Rogers. I am a father, husband, cousin, friend and a retired physician/teacher.Those who know my family know that I  won The Family Lottery.Wedding


As a student of a small liberal arts college, I received a healthy dose of English literature as well as the visual  and performing arts. As a physician and surgeon, I was exposed to many elements of modern life. I am fascinated by DNA, the human genome, genetic archaeology and history’s evidence of the making of the human mind.

I would like to learn something about my readers. Please write something about yourself in my comments section.  At least tell from where you are reading/writing. In “comments” please tell me from where you are reading/writing. Tell me something about yourself or I will not be able to learn from you. Reading and writing are  two sides of the same coin. Thank you. Charles

[The pictures and logos are a problem. Unless I can get some uniformity, I may do without logos; I can still use flags if you tell me from where you are blogging.]


About Some Internet Friends – Please add more friends in the comment section.


  5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c       Josh Taylor, Jr.    Outstanding photographer and photographic teacher.  Josh: “ photographer’s job is to capture and manage light. This faucet in the Juniper Level Botanic Garden at Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh, NC was a challenge to photograph. In addition to keeping sharp focus from the bottom fern to the pine needle at the top, the first challenge was to keep the light on the pine needle entwined in the fern and faucet handle. The next challenge was to control the bright light on the background plants and ground mulch. Background elements brighter than the subject can be a distraction. Instead of using a large diffuser to soften the light, a soft gold reflector was used to put most of the background in shadow. The gold side of the reflector illuminated the faucet and pine needle. However, the reflector did completely solve the background light problem, so I positioned myself to cast a show on the remaining background hot spots—quite a contortion act but it works. Also, a tripod and a cable shutter release are indispensable in situations like this” Josh and I have been friends for 25 years. Our sons are best friends. It is through Josh That I have been introduced to several remarkable photographers. These photographers have allowed me to use their art with my blogs, greatly enhancing their value.


5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c                 Victoria     Victoria,  Author: N℮üґ☼N☮☂℮ṧ
Victoria is a secular humanist and an advocate for human and animal rights, brain injury awareness, seizure disorders, and the environment. She blogs about the brain’s role in religious type experiences, and the numerous ways the environment impacts gene expression, brain development and human behavior. Examples of feelings that seem like knowledge include so-called mystical experiences, and the conviction that taking a risk in poker will pay off. The tendency of an individual to have any one of these feelings—to be, for example, an inveterate gambler—is partly determined by genetic predisposition, and partly by prior experience.
How, then, can we tell the difference between feeling right and being right? The answer lies in accepting the limits of our ability to know and in “playing by the rules of scientific method”—believing we are right if empiric evidence and testing give us reason to do so, but accepting that subsequent evidence may one day prove us wrong.”


      5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c          Jo Kay                  Joelcy Kay, – Editor, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Joelcy Kay or mostly called “Jô” was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and adopted the USA as her home almost 30 years ago. She is a writer, poet, photographer, cook and a painter. Jô has 25 years experience as a small business owner and has traveled extensively to over 50 countries.


45d1fd3f398678452fd02153f569ce01             Susan Rushton       Susan Rushton:   Beautiful Flowers and landscapers: Susan  answered my internet call for help, early, when I sent out a general request for assistance.  After we met, I learned of her gorgeous images of nature. Treat yourself to her portfolio.
Robert Okaji,        Austin, Texas A poet considers the intersections of language and numbers, connections between disparate entities – the currents stirring within the Phoenician iteration of our letter M and the Japanese character for water, mizu, or the intertwined strands of solar wind and shadows, black-chinned hummingbirds and coastal death rituals – all, of course, while contemplating good food and that most magnificent of elixirs, beer, which may have been the very foundation of civilization. Or not.

PV,      Unknown-4          bbnewsab: East Coast of Sweden; code name Prince Valient. PV found my rambling posts bouncing around the blogosphere only a couple of months ago. He and I have become daily correspondents. He is a mature Scientist, who shares in my interest from molecular biology to philosophy. PV’s questions and suggestions have pushed the thoroughness and clarity of my essays”up-a-notch”. This listing project was a bbnewsab idea,  How do yo like it?


Janice     5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c Janice Wald, Los Angelos; publisher,  –Mostly Blogging; I (Charles) had posted: “They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus….” Janice is a teacher. Among the subjects Janice teaches is Columbus. So that is how we met. She helped me, from a timid, green-shoot blog, and continues to assist me blogging -now, globally.


Faraday's Candle        5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c  Faraday’s Candle, Two elementary and middle-school student sisters, mature beyond-their-years,writing and self-hosting their blog.I suggest you visit a unique website and blog!


Richard       5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c Richard Schulte,  San Diego, photojournalist  Richard Schulte Downtown San Diego has been my home for many years, and my Cool San Diego Sights blog features unique photos from frequent walks. A second blog, which I call A Small World Full of Beauty, is meant to inspire. And then there’s Foolyman Stories, which is nothing more than a silly diversion.


Maga     2be6b08a291cfed314a95af158bd10cd masgautsen “I am a 29-year-old female from Stavanger in Norway. I spent 5 years at the University in Bergen and came out with a master’s degree in Public Administration. I moved back to my hometown after graduating and this is where I now live.
Music, books, films, tv-shows and interior are among the things I enjoy. I’m also interested in politics and what goes on in society. I can be very social an outgoing but I also value solitude.
If you’re still curious about me, just ask. But remember curiosity killed the cat ;)”


SL  5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c “Southern Latitudes” Journalist/Chef – International experienced, SL has lived in “active” geographical sights in both hemispheres of the World. SL provides us with the culinary page of GPS


Laura       5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c Laura Grace Weldon: Cleveland/Akron, Ohio, Freelance Writer; Book Editor, author; Laura is the author of the books “Free Range Learning”, “Tending,” Farm Wench, Awe Junkie.; I met Laura, requesting permission to ReBlog her: “Are you an Anthropometrist ?” one of my strong interest.



5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c Orchid Nguyen, Myphuong Nguyen, Beltsville, Maryland, Visual Artist, Montgomery College, Orchid has provided me with Stunning images with which I introduce my essays.I invite you to review: “Sand Image” “Tree” “Summertime Waterfall”



Island Gurl              small jamaican flag Island Gurl,  K. Metcalfe is a serial Blogger, Freelance Writer and Researcher. She spends her days blogging about blogging, freelance writing and conducting marketing research on behalf of her clients. Today she enjoys the ‘work from home’ lifestyle, making a full-time income doing what she is truly passionate about – writing!



 Rachel          5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c  rachelgriffin22″ I’m into muppets, musicals, coffee, and cats. (Maybe I should combine the four?!) I wrote a musical about mental health, “We Have Apples” and am working on a new family musical, “The Bell”! I am currently attending grad school at New York University.”



retired        new image Thailand flag   blondieaka; Phuket; Bio: Retired amongst the pineapple and rubber plantations. Writing, reading, curing ham and bacon, pickling, recycling, making jewelery my dreams becoming reality….well one has, I am now a published Author as of January 2015. Scary? Sometimes, and now I’ve tried improv and wow never thought I could, “Could you ?”…lol.. Retired? No one told me! Having an amazing ride!



       d93cbe573acce74aaa0144212be80fbc   seotember magic             Ruth, The South African Bush Bash
Gray and Jane said their vows for the 4th time in South Africa on the 20th December 2014 at Highover, near Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal.They wanted a South African celebration so there was meat on the braai and beer in the fridge when family and friends gathered for the ceremony. It took place outdoors with Graydon’s Uncle Steve doing the honours. Birds and […]
            5a83891a81b057fed56930a6aaaf7b3c        Antonio Westley, New York CityI Am currently a freelance writer and Bubblews blogger. Nothing more then a Multi -Talented Artist But If There Was One Word To Describe Me I Would Call My Self A “Creator”. An Alchemist If you Will With The Ability to Turn Nothing Into Something Or So I’ve Been Told. I Know So Far This Bio May Come Off As A Little Arrogant But I’m Actually Far From It. I Take Joy In Helping Others In Any Way I Can And Prefer To Encourage Others To Rise Above The Worst Part Of Themselves. This Is My Movement An I’ll be Happy To Share This With You All.


Send me improved images, correction, and additional information.   I will update this regularly.


Who, among my readers will share  their story with us?  “More Info!” Number 5 IS Alive!


13 thoughts on “Day Two: Living [Rolodex]: Charles Rogers

  1. You are so so supportive & the girls could use it.
    keep up with your wonderful writing & Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. bbnewsab says:

    Brilliant idea, KK! This a a novel and creative way of building bridges to unite people! Also an honorable one.

    This cheap but yet effective way of bridgebuilding somewhat reminds me of microfinancing (see: ). You need not big money to change your future – or the world. Instead you need good ideas. And, above all, HOPE, INSPIRATION, and SELF-ESTEEM.

    This blog oy yours, KK, strengthen my hopes of a better world. Your inspirations are like microfinancing. You must dare and be ready to take risks in order to win. You need a high self-esteem to survive and be successful. And, by Odin, you know and convey all this. Just have you as a prototype or pappern – and you too can succeed, become a winner.

    And even better. by following this blog and becoming a member of its RWT (Readers & Writers Tribe) community we can learn from each other, share knowledge and words of wisdom, all under the gentle guidande of our tribe’s Medicine Man, KK (meaning, in Swedish, Kung Karl, i.e. King Charles in English).

    I myself am proud of being KK’s aide-de-camp. his self-appointed knight PV (Prince Valiant), known from the days of the knowledgeable and just king Arthur. That same PV has been resurrected and the Viking prince is nowdays seen in the service of King Charles / Kung Karl (a.k.a. the Sage – because the epithet Great was already occupied by another famous king in Europe).

    To all newcomers I want to say: Come join us in our RWT Community. The water is fine in here, very refreshing. And the oasis green, almost like the biblical Ggarden of Eden – but with one big exception: You are not forbidden, in here, to taste the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge that is growíng beside the magic well in the middle of this oasis.

    Come join us! You won’t be disappointed. And maybe best of all: The fruits from the Tree of Knowledge are totally free of charge. No sins whatsoever attached to them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. clanton1934 says:

      One thing is for certain, stray reader!: We SERIousLY, invite you in!
      An easy start would be to put your username and your geographical location in the comments section.
      Thank you, Charles [Karl, in my Swedish apparition]


  3. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Charles,
    Thank you for the mention, but I would love a link to my site in case your readers want to come over to get know more about me and get to know me better. Thank you for the introduction to your community.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. clanton1934 says:

      I have been putting http://mostly in the tags of every post. Is it not there?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Janice Wald says:

        Embed a hyper link

        Liked by 1 person

      2. clanton1934 says:

        I don’t know how to do that


  4. Janice Wald says:

    You ask you shall receive. Easy!
    Read my easy, quick instructions in this article.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. clanton1934 says:

      Are you saying thatI shields self-host?


      1. Janice Wald says:

        Shields? Ignore question.


      2. clanton1934 says:

        That was supposed to be: Do you think that I SHOULD self-host?


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