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Guest Host: Jennifer Calvert

A Poem in Four Parts


Drip, Part 1drip #1
Wild honey,
Drip, down her candid heart,
Fainting, the sight of blood,
Paranoia, gapping like a fleshy wound,

A maiden of distrust,
A dangerous peril of insanity,
Exposed to the heat of the sun,
Sanctuary within a dappled disparity,
Alice, disclosed,
Her inner self,
Bleeding on the outside,
Her battle just begun.


Sip, Part 2 sip #2
Malt liquor,
Sip, a mouthful to sedate,
Swallowed, by greed and thirst,
Deprivation, A hunger for the kill,
The taste of gluttony, too pleasing a thrill,
Devouring the consumed,
The mind a dangerous tool,
Haphazard and messy,
Wagered, a life,
Alice, enclosed,
A deadly cocktail to quench her soul,
Haemorrhaging on the inside,
Her battle just begun.


Strip, Part 3Stip #3
Coconut oil,
Strip, curves of killer seduction,
Bounded, in ties of erotica,
Labelled, Peel back the cloak,
Bare bones and isolation,
The body a shell of intoxication,
Hungover and hysterical,
Lurid, in Malibu,
Alice, open,
Back the concealment,
Her battle just begun.


Trip, Part 4
Perspire,trip #4
Trip, in banded stilts,
Dirty in black market goods,
Licentious, pleasures to titillating,
Tongues licking, junket and sting,
Vice, a shameful tourniquet,
Bandage the pain,
Drip, Sip, Strip,
Alice, Addict
Rehabilitate, heal the hurt within,
Her battle just begun.

Jennifer Calvert


Jennifer on Jennifer
As a child, my imagination would run wild, conjuring up magical stories and characters. I loved creativity writing. I owe my love of writing to my mother, who would read to me every night.
It wasn’t until I started university, as a mature age student; that I realised writing was no longer a hobby, but something I wanted to take seriously. jenifer from Australiajenifer from Australia
Like most writers, the passion and need to write, took over and became so much more than an interest. Yet a profound desire, to put pen to paper. To share a little part of me, with others.
So here I am; a writer, student, mother and most recently a blogger at Ink and Quill. Ink and Quill is a collection of my poetry, prose and fiction. A place of originality and quirkiness. A place where I can express myself, learn, develop and share my writings.
Since starting my blog. I have connected with exceptionally talented people from around the world and my writing has progressed immensely and my love of poetry has flourished. Ink and Quill is a part of me, which I want to share with you.


Photograph credits:
Part 1: Drip

Photo courtesy of miss aniela | Aaron Sehmar Photography Blog

Part 2: Sip


Part 3: Strip

Part 4: Trip

Storytelling with photography – Brooke Shaden

I would like to thank Jennifer for being Guest Host at INTERNATIONAL BLOGGING.

Charles Clanton Rogers January 28, 2016

“Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offense.
Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,”
Robert Frost
banner image courtesy of Myphoung Nguyen

4 thoughts on “Another Poem by Guest Host: Jennifer

  1. Reblogged this on INK AND QUILL and commented:
    Thank you again to Charles, for having me as a guest on International Blogging. It is always a pleasure and an honour to be a feature here. xxx

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  2. bbnewsab says:

    A very talented young poetess. I can strongly recommend her own blog!

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    1. Thank you BB!! ❤️


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