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wall - stone #3“The wall which divides the knowledgeable  from the uninformed has been constructed by those on the outside and the building blocks of this wall are opinions! Opinions separate the uninformed from the villages of knowledge.”

Opinion versus truth:


You will not find any new information here.  

(1) The vast majority of physicians and scientist have the important facts; there is little, if any disagreement by authorities in the field.

(2) I feel deeply about the individuals and families affected by autism, but my empathy does not change  the science. Those who deny the findings of fraud published in The British Medical Journal are not likely to be dissuaded by me. It is very difficult for a “tree to take in the whole forest.”

The case for and against Andrew Wakefield’s  enormous impact on the public health in this country has been widely published and debated for years. I consider this previously solved. I was asked for my take on Jeffery Phillips editorial which is actually the last of a series quotes of unsubstantiated opinions.

My  cousin alerted me to a recent editorial by Jeffery Phillips , “Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism ” on  a Blog: We Are Change, ( which is actually not his own editorial but a quote from another Blog By Mark Wachtler, Whiteout Press ( which reported  “information” taken from a third website: The Liberty Beacon (


  I went to each of these Websites to find their credentials and mission statements. They are informal blogs; not referred journals. The following is a verbatim quote from The Liberty Beacon:”The Liberty Beacon project presently consists of 4 FaceBook pages (and manage over 10 more), 4 FaceBook groups (and admin over 30 more), 5 international websites (with several more under construction), 5 domestic websites, a Twitter channel, a radio network (TLB Radio Network) and a newly launched YouTube channel. Projects currently in progress include setting up a server to produce an in-house internet TV show, the launch of a social site for all of our project associates”. Mr. Phillips  and Mr.Wachtler are bloggers like myself. I was not able to find their credentials but if they are scientist (or lawyers), it is not apparent

These three publications are Blogs. I have been a blogger for a few years and in an earlier incarnation I was an author and editor in peer-reviewed science and medical journals comparable to The British Medical Journal to which I now refer.


I love Blogs. On my blog, I express my ideas, opinions and interpretations frequently and freely. If I felt that I had some scientific information that the World needed, my blog would NOT be a creditable publication for reporting this information,

Blogs are for opinions.  I repeat “The wall which divides the knowledgeable “The wall which divides the knowledgeable  from the uninformed has been constructed by those on the outside and the building blocks of this wall are opinions! Opinions separate the uninformed from the villages of knowledge.”Opinion versus truth:


These blogs/opinions report two “court” decisions allegedly exonerating  Andrew Wakefield in his now World famous fraudulent publications linking MMR vaccine and autism.  The courts are not named; neither are the case names cited. 


No one denies the importance or prevalence of autism but Andrew Wakefield’s publication have been proven to be fraudulent. see below.  (BMJ 2011;342:c7452)


The findings of juries and judges are neither adequate validation nor refutation of scientific realities or even true events. Researchers:”More than 2,000 false convictions in past 23 years”


The best opinion free scientific information on this follows HERE

Wakefield’s article linking MMR vaccine and autism was fraudulent

British Medical Journal (BMJ) 2011; 342 doi: (Published 06 January 2011)

Fiona Godlee, editor in chief, Jane Smith, deputy editor, Harvey Marcovitch, associate editor
Author affiliations
Correspondence to: F Godlee
Clear evidence of falsification of data should now close the door on this damaging vaccine scare

“Science is at once the most questioning and . . . sceptical of activities and also the most trusting,” said Arnold Relman, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, in 1989. “It is intensely sceptical about the possibility of error, but totally trusting about the possibility of fraud.”1 Never has this been truer than of the 1998 Lancet paper that implied a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and a “new syndrome” of autism and bowel disease.

Authored by Andrew Wakefield and 12 others, the paper’s scientific limitations were clear when it appeared in 1998.2 3 As the ensuing vaccine scare took off, critics quickly pointed out that the paper was a small case series with no controls, linked three common conditions, and relied on parental recall and beliefs.4 Over the following decade, epidemiological studies consistently found no evidence of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.5 6 7 8 By the time the paper was finally retracted 12 years later,9 after forensic dissection at the General Medical Council’s (GMC) longest ever fitness to practise hearing,10 few people could deny that it was fatally flawed both scientifically and ethically. But it has taken the diligent scepticism of one man, standing outside medicine and science, to show that the paper was in fact an elaborate fraud.


I will be very surprised if anyone writes me to say that I changed their minds MMR vaccination.

Charles Clanton Rogers, MD   February 5, 2016


2 thoughts on “One More Time: MMR Vaccine and Autism

  1. There are those still convinced that this is true no matter what scientific data you present them. There is such a high degree of emotion with having an autistic child.

    Liked by 2 people

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