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The best things in life are not free….they’re priceless!



We are the Stewards of LIFE which is a complex organization of independent individuals. We obsessively need to be with others. We think we are separate, but we are one. We think of ourselves as individuals, but we are really just part of an elaborate, interdependent family and community.



There is no Them; there’s only us. 

Gather around me, friends and family, from the Right, from the Left, Christians, Jewish,  Atheists.   I have long fought polarization. I have long sought a common denominator.  I believe that I have found our common denominator: It is the Family/ Community/ Tribe. From the most primitive of humans, we form communities of families and communities of about 150 members supporting one another.  If I could persuade you to be primarily concerned about the individuals and your community of individuals, spending your energies there, we could have larger communities with strong families and communities.

“We think we are separate, but we are one.”

“He who has a Why to live can bear almost any How.” Nietzsche, Frankl (1)

It is clear to me that my basic “Why” is the family/ extended family/ community. 
I. Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go (2) :” You can live without someone who says: you are mine; You can not live without someone who says: ‘I am yours” May you be blessed with at least one such person in life!” The family and tribe is at its best when several individuals feel this ownership to one another. Ishiguro on platonic love is reviewed in the link: 51obZREOAtL._SL300_

II. Addy Pross, What is Life, (3) How Chemistry Becomes Biology.

In the beginning, non-living carbon-based chemicals joined to become “living” nucleic acids (DNA) manifesting a new force.This effect is characterized by an irrepressible self-replication. For billions of years this force has remained irrepressible and has produced a myriad of variants of life forms: including microbes, dinosaurs, cats, dogs, peacocks, zebras, red roses, giraffes, butterflies, snakes, towering redwoods, whales, fungi, crocodiles, cockroaches, mosquitoes, coral reef and Homo Sapiens. Group (network) dynamics are essential characteristics, inclusive of microbial, intermediate animal and primates including Homo Sapiens. Many of these species share remarkably similar group dynamics including that which humans manifested prior to the invention of agriculture and writing.(3) Humans still require networking which is demonstrated in animal group studies (see Safina and Sapolsky) . Further discussion on Pross’ on networks:

III. Carl Safina, Beyond Words, (4)


What Animals Think and Feel.Safina “We have long asked whether we are alone in the universe. But clearly we are not alone on earth. The evolution of intelligence, of empathy and complex societies, is surely more likely than we have hitherto considered. And what is it, exactly, that sets our species apart? These views are expanded in this link:

IV. Robert M. Sapolsky,(5) A Primate’s Memoir. Over two decades, Sapolsky conducted unprecedented physiological research on wild primates, Groups of Non-human animals are natural occurring laboratories for studying human tribal dynamics. In the non-human laboratory, Sapolsky”s baboons are second to none.We can not live alone and be well.

See excellent video by Sapolsky; Class Day Lecture 2009: The Uniqueness of Humans in the following video: ?
th-6 th-4Baby_baboon_on_back

V. Viktor Frankl,(6) Man’s Search for Meaning

We are motivated to pursue and find something meaningful in our lives. So, while we cannot, of course, avoid suffering, Dr. Frankl says, we can choose how to cope with the hurt, find meaning in our suffering and move on with a sense of renewed purpose. This meaning is most often found in mutual support and commitment to a family and tribe.

Summary: Rogers, “Life is a Journey” (7) [larger] Life [of which we are the stewards] is a complex organization of interdependent individuals. We obsessively need to be with others. We think we are separate, but we are one. We think of ourselves as individuals, but we are really just part of an elaborate, interdependent family and community. There is no “Them”; there is only Us! Review:

Charles Clanton Rogers, AB, MD, FACR emeritus professor GWU First published October 3, 2015;  Revision March 3, 2016

“Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offense.
Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,”
Robert Frost
banner image courtesy of Myphoung Nguyen
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(1) Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, 15 October 1844 – 25 August 1900) was a German philosopher, cultural critic, poet, composer, and Latin and Greek scholar. He wrote several critical texts on religion, morality, contemporary culture, philosophy, and science, displaying a fondness for metaphor and irony.Nietzsche’s key ideas include perspectivism, the will to power, master-slave morality, the death of God, the Übermensch and eternal recurrence. One of the key tenets of his philosophy is “life-affirmation”, which embraces the realities of the world in which we live over the idea of a world beyond
(2) [Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go
(3) Addy Pross. What is Life: How chemistry becomes biology.
Oxford University Press,(2012)
‎(4) Carl Safina, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel.
(5) Robert M. Sapolsky, A Primate’s Memoir, A Neuroscientist’s Unconventional Life Among the Baboons
(6) Viktor Frankl, What Has Your Life Meant
(7) Charles C. Rogers, “Life is a Journey” ‎

2 thoughts on “Family and Community

  1. “Addy Pross, What is Life, (3) How Chemistry Becomes Biology”.
    How absolutely interesting.


  2. “The best things in life are not free….they’re priceless!”
    This quote gave me chills.


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