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The best things in life are not free….they’re priceless! INTERNATIONAL BLOGGING 2016/03/03 Abstract: We are the Stewards of LIFE which is a complex organization of independent individuals. We obsessively need to be with others. We think we are separate, but we are one. We think of ourselves as individuals, but we are really just part of …

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That which we share is greater than that which divides us. The Sand Mandala (Tibetan: དཀྱིལ་འཁོར།, Wylie: dkyil ‘khor; Chinese: 沙坛城; pinyin: Shā Tánchéng) is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition involving the creation and destruction of mandalas made from colored sand. A sand mandala is ritualistically dismantled once it has been completed and its accompanying ceremonies …

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INTERNATIONAL BLOGGING 2016/01/14 This is a Book Recommendation: When Breath Becomes Air, Paul Kalanithi  I started this book at 10:00 PM last night and finished it, in a single session, approximately five hours later. This is NOT my Book Review; it is my strong recommendation.  I may write a review in the future. What the Critics Say Atul Gawande: “Rattling, …

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  Literary Giants Review: William Faulkner      ” I decline to accept the end of man. It is easy enough to say that man is immortal because he will endure: that when the last ding-dong of doom has clanged and faded from the last worthless rock hanging tideless in the last red and dying evening, …

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To find Truth, accept three ideas: “In order to be at peace with oneself and the world around them, an understanding of a Zen mind principles can be quite enlightening.” . … [In order to enter into to my World and to understand my mind, your point-of-view must assimilate these three ideas.] … “Master these …

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  INTERNATIONAL BLOGGING    2015/12/22   “Darwin”  2011-2015 “Darwin” 2011-2015  Our Felis catus tribe, part one. [added recording by Steven Rogers] … I don’t know if cats go to heaven when they die. … What I do know is that during the time that they live with us, that they have a soul like I do! …

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Do not  adjust your picture! Check to see if both sides of your  headset is operating properly. Consider that you are listening to a recording of a symphony through headphones.  To complete the transaction, both earpieces must be working properly.  I fear that too many listeners (discussants) have only one ear piece turned on or adjusted. There is an evolutionary …

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INTERNATIONAL BLOGGING 2016/03/01   Abstract: Reference: C.C. Rogers: “Life is a Journey”[7] We are the Stewards of LIFE which is a complex organization of independent individuals. We obsessively need to be with others. We think we are separate, but we are one. We think of ourselves as individuals, but we are really just part of an elaborate, interdependent family and community. There is no Them; there’s only Us. Introduction: …

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“Our life runs down in sending up the clock. The brook runs down in sending up our life. The Sun runs down in sending up the brook. And there is something sending up the Sun.” Robert Frost, WEST RUNNING BROOK [Revision] Fewer than one-half of Americans accept the concept of evolution. Almost 100 years after …

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