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  “THERE’S A BOAT THAT’S LEAVIN’…..Get-on-board!” Game on! The clock has started! (24 hours) MISSION CONTROL Report: 24 hour milepost: I hear crickets, my friends! The Society is NOW The I.B. NETWORK See Networks in Life [1] My Network Challenge is: Each member, within 72  hours, exchange an e-mail with one other blogger on this …

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Now in the final month of 2015, I am reviewing, in reverse order, the top-ten-best received of my posts. Number nine; Stages on becoming a writer. In December, I am revisiting the best-received posts – number ten – a book review #10 Three Dog Life 12/4 #9 The Evolution of One Writer 12/6 #8 Before …

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    The Coywolf, evolved in-your-face, not in some vague remote past millennia, but in our lifetime! This intriguing animal, the Coywolf, is going to lead us across the bridge of enlightenment to a Eureka! experience. These are the intensely rewarding scientific experiences when a theory is graphically demonstrated and seen by oneself as Fact! Coywolf …

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[/audio][/audio] George Gershwin’s:”Bess, Yo is My Woman now”, Porgy and Bess, (Joe Henderson)   George Gershwin’s: “It ain’t necessarily so”, From Porgy and Bess (Miles Davis) Louis Armstrong:”Oriental Strut” Hot Five, 19254. George Gershwin:”Summertime” “Porgy and Bess” 1934  Performed by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald This essay is a peek into my silent “self-talk”: [I …

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Six blind men were asked to determine what an elephant looked like by feeling different parts of the elephant’s body. The blind man who feels a leg says the elephant is like a pillar; the one who feels the tail says the elephant is like a rope; the one who feels the trunk says the …

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INTERNATIONAL BLOGGING 2016/03/01   Abstract: Reference: C.C. Rogers: “Life is a Journey”[7] We are the Stewards of LIFE which is a complex organization of independent individuals. We obsessively need to be with others. We think we are separate, but we are one. We think of ourselves as individuals, but we are really just part of an elaborate, interdependent family and community. There is no Them; there’s only Us. Introduction: …

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                  bbnewsab and I have been discussing evidence and characterization of persons, their thoughts,  their beliefs. And their rationalizations. My Swedish college brings us this TED Talk by Robert Sapolsky, Professor Neuroscience of Standford. I have been reading A Primate’s Memoir, by Professor Sapolsky. You must view …

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The great psychiatrists have been European: e.g.: Reil, Feud, Kraepelinian. Frankl. With the miracle of the “cyber couch”, I have a  Swedish psychiatrist! [PV]     I received his analysis of me today which I’m going  to “Share” [social media influence] PV: “Sometimes I almost suspect that you, in an earlier life must have been an …

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On August 5, 2015, I published a blog post, “Life Is Inexplicable”, reviewing contrasting views on the origin of life (Addy Proos and Richard Dawson).   I received a lot of interest in that post. The link to that post is: ‎ My discussions in “Life Is A Journey” further discussed these questions; see …

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Incredible Journey of the Human Mind – Forensics Book Reviews: Sadakat Kadri, The Trial (1) and Val McDermid: Forensics, (2) Justice,(3) rightfulness or lawfulness is necessary for “A more perfect Union”(4).  To serve Justice,  the Truth – the factual evidence – is to be highly desired.  The earliest history of jurisprudence seldom achieved reliable and accurate evidence. in convictions and punishment.  Sadakat …

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THE FREEDOM TRAIN 1947  “Life is a journey, not a destination” (1) “Not everything that can be counted counts. Not everything that counts can be counted.” (2) I have had an epiphany about Life. Now I see Life is a Process. The purpose is the process; the process is the product. Here is a true story which has …

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Review: Addy Pross, What is Life (1) “TV’s  Talking-heads” frequently start their position statement: “I’m not a scientist but….” Then they proceed to inform you, in the manner of a peddler, that he is “right” and you are “wrong”. Here is the ageless Zero-Sum Game:(2)  “I win – you lose!”  Unlike those sellers, this author is …

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  By Charles C. Rogers, MD, FACR, Emeritus Professor, GWUMC Enormous amounts of energy and efforts are spent quarreling over the logistics of the delivery of modern medical knowledge.  In my opinion, what has been lost, in the heat of the discussion,  is what should be a celebration for the explosion of scientific knowledge  (and mostly), …

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In the wake of the past week, I wish to re-publish this essay and request your attention and consideration. If I have your attention, let me clearly state that I do not want to obtain a wholesale swap of the reader’s convictions to what you may believe are mine. I intend to move no one …

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For thousands of years, perhaps tens of thousands, humans have been aware of their mortality and have obsessed with and have passed down the most serious narratives about the origins and purposes of life. Anthropologists and sociologist, having studied many tribes and civilizations, in all Continents, report descriptions of deities and supernatural forces explaining life’s …

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2015 The Human Genome: Universal DNA: Adenine-Thymine & Guanine-Cytosine  (1) 1675  Baruch Spinoza: Universal Ethics for Humans  (2) “We are all children of Spinoza… a prophet of tolerance, democratic values and authentic faith.”  (3) In 1656, Amsterdam’s Jewish community excommunicated Baruch Spinoza at the age of twenty-three.  He went on to produce one of the …

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“Our life runs down in sending up the clock. The brook runs down in sending up our life. The Sun runs down in sending up the brook. And there is something sending up the Sun.” Robert Frost, WEST RUNNING BROOK [Revision] Fewer than one-half of Americans accept the concept of evolution. Almost 100 years after …

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